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Scottish beauties were the Belle’s of Loch Lomond.

Our weekend started off in style as our Cheryl’s Closet Belle’ of Loch Lomond model search reached its final stages. The highly anticipated competition on Friday evening was a resounding success and was hosted here at the Lodge on Loch Lomond.

Katie Findlay and Alexandra Prior were crowned our winning duo after impressing our team of judges including Martin Laing editor of the Lennox Herald newspaper group. The winner of the public vote was teen Rachel Louise Goldie.

Judging panelists included Nigel Bird, manager at our venue this evening at the lodge at Loch Lomond, and The Inn at Loch Lomond, Scottish actress and model Nikki Mac Donald, Debbie Angus MUA, Janice Mc Millen jewellery concession manager of Sheila Fleet at Loch Lomond Shores, Harriet Steele and Julia Martin, editors at In- Bloom magazine Glasgow, and model mum Lynne O’ Donnell. The judges faced a very tough decision as all of the contestants rated highly on our VIP judging panels score sheets. After much deliberation our top ten finalists were chosen and our winning duo. Our top ten beauties were.

  1. Mhari Alex Danks
  2. Kirsty Rodden
  3. Amy Smith
  4. Ashleigh Elise Howard
  5. Amy Lylle
  6. Rachel Louise Goldie
  7. Alexandra Prior
  8. Katie Finlay
  9. Wveronika Siomna
  10. Shannon McAllister

The top ten won a VIP gift experience voucher for Cheryl’s Closet photography.

The belle beauties winners were overwhelmed and lost for words as the judges crowned them with their new titles and a whole host of exclusive prizes. Including over £1000 worth of goodies! Each model received a glittering Swarovski bejewelled crown all the way from fashion capital Paris! A VIP pamper package and over night stay, each at the lodge on the Loch Lomond. Where our model guests will be treated to a luxury, and relaxing stay fit for any supermodel to recoup and catch up on their beauty sleep!

Our lucky winners also have the opportunity to represent Cheryl’s Closet on an exclusive photo shoot for ‘The Closet fashion’ editorial on board the Beau jangles boat on Loch Lomond with its skipper Robbie, to model exclusively for one shoot, to model Autumn and Winter clothing designs at Cheryl’s Closet ASOS.

The two new Belle of Loch Lomond models, also won an exclusive model portfolio with Cheryl’s Closet models. Two new pendants designed exclusively by Scottish jewellery designer and our event Sponsors Sheila Fleet jewellery, £175 vouchers by annual sponsors of our events Loch Lomond Jewellers, Micheal Korrs earrings from Cheryl’s Closet, New copies of Fashion elitest must have, In-Bloom magazine, £25.00 off ASOS vouchers, House of Fraser vouchers, and a peaches and cream makeover by sponsors Hairzone Jamestown, in addition to Cheryl’s Closet creative photography team offering vouchers for Ross Glasgow photography and Lauren Duncan photography event photographers on the evening alongside Brian Hayes.

We interviewed our newly crowned winners at the event on Friday evening.

We asked the girls how they felt at becoming the next generation of role models for young local girls working with Cheryl’s Closet .

Alexandra Prior age 19 was literally speechless at her win. ” I am so shocked, I don’t know what to say, other than thank you.” Katie Finlay age 20 ” Its a dream come true, It hasn’t sunk in at all, its so exciting, yet totally surreal for me, I was just delighted to make the final top ten!”

We asked our judge and host, Nigel Bird at the lodge on the loch how difficult was it to judge this type of competition?

It was a really difficult competition to judge, as the standard of girls was so high.” “Their performances, personalities and work ethic were so impressive, we had a really tough decision to make, as they all worked so hard for the competition.” ” They have gained so much confidence since I saw them at bootcamp.”

“I enjoyed every aspect of the experience, we have worked with Cheryl’s Closet on recent events and admire Cheryl’s dedication to these young girls.” ” She has a deep rooted passion, for what she does and her work ethic and professionalism are highly commendable.” ” I know both new winners will enjoy working with such a great team.”

With sincere thank you to all of the support of our readers, and local businesses, for their continued support of Cheryl’s Closet events management collaborations.

Special thanks to all of the support of the Lennox herald readers for their public votes.

Nigel Bird manager of The Lodge on the loch, Sandra Cunningham events manager, and Sandy Cranna and all staff for their continued support as our hosts and sponsors. Thank you for providing our catwalk resources alongside Stephen Mc Cafferty. With Special thanks to Editor Martin Laing at The Lennox Herald, for his dedication and support on all of our fashion projects. In – Bloom magazine, Sheila Fleet jewellery, Loch Lomond Jewellers, Hairzone, Jenners Loch Lomond Shores. Our compères of the evening Alan Mac Pherson and Melanie Mc Crum and Cheryl’s Closet creative photographers and Models.


Editorial by fashion correspondent Cheryl Mc Nair , for The Closet at the Lennox Herald newspaper group.